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High quality coils – perfect coating results

Our evaporation coils and filaments are manufactured from high purity raw materials with optimized grain structure. In combination with fast loading and exact conditioning of the evaporation material like aluminium our coils and filaments provide excellent coating results.

EVOCHEM’s coils and filaments are known for their improved coating performance due to high quality raw materials and improved surface characteristics (especially for the evaporation of aluminium coils). At the same time our unique manufacturing capabilities allow for high corrosion resistance and low defect rates in order to prevent any contamination of the substrate

We can supply every size and shape

Our unique manufacturing capabilities allow us to custom manufacture any size and design.

All standard sizes can be supplied on short notice. Please refer to the illustration for your inquiry.

You can also send us the article number of your current supplier or a sample of the products currently being used and we will send you a quote and free samples.

The following information are required to provide a quotation:

Filament shape: Straight, Helical, Basket or U-Shape

Number of strands for stranded wire (e.g. in many cases 3 strands are used)

L: Overall length of the filament

FL: Length of the coils

FD: Coil diameter

P: Coil pitch in mm


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