Two distinct product programs for your benefit

EVOCHEM Advanced Materials GmbH is proud to introduce its new product portfolio - covering pure and ultrapure metals designed to meet the needs of research and development across all industries.

Its second product portfolio covers a wide range of evaporation materials and accessories, highly effective sputtering targets, monitoring crystals

Sputtering Targets, Evaporation Materials and PVD-Consumables

EVOCHEM Advanced Materials provides one of the largest, most comprehensive lines of materials for all thin film applications including optics and accessories, wear and decorative coatings, microelectronics and semiconductors, optical data storage, displays and solar cells.

Sputtering targets >> Including sputtering target bonding and recycling

Evaporation materials >> More than 60 evaporation materials available

PVD-consumables >> Crucibles, boats and filaments

Monitoring crystals >> Au, Ag, alloy in 6MHz and 5MHz

Evaporation coils >> For your metallisation prozess

EVOCHEM’s comprehensive product portfolio offers you the best solution for your individual application. The high-purity evaporation materials help to achieve your desired coating properties; their optimized melting properties improve the production yield. The low spitting properties allow low-defect coatings for critical applications.

We provide one of the largest, most comprehensive lines of materials for use in sputtering systems. All popular geometries (and sizes) including rings, S-Guns and circular, rectangular and triangular and planar targets are available.

EVOCHEM also provides components used in E-Beam evaporators, ion sources and thermal evaporators. The product range includes crucibles, boats and filaments made of the same high quality materials as the evaporation materials and sputtering targets.

Materials for R&D - Pure and ultrapure metals

EVOCHEM’s new product portfolio of pure and ultrapure metals comprises virtually all metals from Aluminium to Zirconium. These metals are available in an extensive range of quantities and forms including powder, wires, foils, sheets, rods, tubes and targets. Purities offered range from 99.00% - 99.999999%.


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