Materials For R&D - Pure And Ultrapure Metals

EVOCHEM Advanced Materials GmbH offers a broad range of pure and ultrapure metals and materials designed to meet the need of research and development across all industries. Our portfolio of pure and ultrapure metals comprises virtually all metals from Aluminium to Zirconium. These metals are available in an extensive range of quantities and forms.

Superhydrophobic Materials

EVOCHEM’s new super-hydrophobic product line (EVOCHEM ETC-ULTRA & EVOCHEM ETC-PRO) provides superior process and film properties. We have developed sophisticated materials that reduce the adherence of dirt and fingerprints on surfaces while at the same time increasing the scratch resistance.

The new super-hydrophobic tablets can be deposited from resistively heated boats as well as by E-Beam using a Top Coat liner.

While leading the way into next generation’s coatings, EVOCHEM’s new product portfolio already complies with the latest legislatives requirements and does not contain Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) and Perflurooctanoic acid (PFOA) – neither in the product nor in the entire production line.

Sputtering targets

We provide one of the largest, most comprehensive lines of sputtering target materials. All popular geometries (and sizes) and materials are available.

Sputtering Targets are available as precious metals and non-precious metals sputtering targets, customised alloys and as ceramic sputtering targets with individual chemistry. To achieve the desired characteristics in a sputtered thin film, the manufacturing process used to fabricate the sputtering target can be critical. Whether the sputtering target material comprises only an element (pure metal), mixture of elements, alloys, or perhaps a compound - the process to produce that defined material in a form suitable for sputtering thin films of consistent quality is as essential as the deposition parameters.

We also provide in-house sputter target bonding and precious metals reclamation services, saving you both time and money.

Evaporation materials

We customize evaporation materials to your specifications and requirements. Our ultra-high purity evaporation materials deliver optimal evaporative performance and coating results. Our evaporation materials represent the finest coating materials available today which have been processed or especially developed to meet demanding requirements of scientific experimentation, product and process development or full-scale production. Our blue-chip customer base is a proof of the reliability and performance our evaporation materials.

Quality Assurance

EVOCHEM has sucessfully introduced the quality management systems ISO 9001:2015 to ensure the highest and most consistent product quality and reliability. Control over the entire value and production chain combined with continous quality tests of each batch with proprietary coating and testing machines ensures a zero failure production process. Each batch is only released after passing detailed product specifications tests.

Every batch of our coating materials portfolio is tested for RoHS parameters and limits by independent inspection and certification comapnies such as SGS and CTI. These documents together with the individual certifactes of analysis allow for a transparent documentation and prove the conformity of our products with international standards and regulations.

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