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Ba Barium - Rod

Barium is a metallic element, soft, and when pure is silvery white; it belongs to the alkaline earth group, chemically resembling calcium. The metal oxidizes very easily and should be kept under petroleum or other suitable oxygen-free liquids to exclude air. It is decomposed by water or alcohol.

Melting point: 727 °C Boiling point: 1897 °C

A rod is a uniform straight strand of a pure metal with a diameter >2mm.

Rod Rod

Barium - Rod - Your product selection

Ba-00002 Barium rod,

Details: under argon, 0,8% Sr
Purity: 99,30%
CAS No: [7440-39-3]
Further information:

Ba-00003 Barium rod,

Details: under paraffin oil, 0,8% Sr
Purity: 99,30%
CAS No: [7440-39-3]
Further information:

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