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Fe Iron - Sheet

The pure metal is very reactive chemically and rapidly corrodes, especially in moist air or at elevated temperatures. It has four allotropic forms or ferrites, known as alpha, beta, gamma, and omega, with transition points at 700, 928, and 1530C.

Iron is hard, brittle, fairly fusible, and is used to produce other alloys, including steel.

Melting point: 1538 °C Boiling point: 2861 °C

A sheet is a flat material with a thickness larger than foils.

Sheet Sheet

Iron - Sheet - Your product selection

Fe-00029 Iron sheet

Details: 2 mm thickness
Purity: 99,80%
CAS No: [7439-89-6]
Further information:

Fe-00041 Iron sheet

Details: 1,5 mm thickness
Purity: 99,50%
CAS No: [7439-89-6]
Further information:

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