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Pt Platinum - Powder

Platinum is a silvery-white metal, when pure, and is malleable and ductile. It has a coefficient of expansion almost equal to that of soda-lime-silica glass, and is therefore used to make sealed electrodes in glass systems. The metal does not oxidize in air at any temperature, but is corroded by halogens, cyanides, sulfur, and caustic alkalis.

Melting point: 1768.4 °C Boiling point: 3825 °C

A powder is a solid material with a defined size range.

Powder Powder

Platinum - Powder - Your product selection

Pt-00002 Platinum black

CAS No: [7440-06-4]
Further information:

Pt-00003 Platinum powder

Details: < 60 micron
Purity: 99,90%
CAS No: [7440-06-4]
Further information:

Pt-00004 Platinum powder

Details: 0,2-1,8 micron
Purity: min. 99,95%
CAS No: [7440-06-4]
Further information:

Pt-00031 Platinum paste

Details: approx.70 % Pt-content, useable for brush application or approx. 91 % Pt-content, useable for sieve printing
CAS No: [7440-06-4]
Further information: glass free paste

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