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Re Rhenium - Pellets

The element is silvery white with a metallic luster; its density is exceeded only by that of platinum, iridium, and osmium, and its melting point is exceeded only by that of tungsten and carbon.

The usual commercial form of the element is powder, but it can be consolidated by pressing and resistance-sintering in a vacuum or hydrogen atmosphere.

Melting point: 3186 °C Boiling point: 5596 °C

Pellets are regular shaped pieces of material. Pellet sizes can be custom manufactured.

Pellets Pellets

Rhenium - Pellets - Your product selection

Re-00010 Rhenium pellets

Details: approx. 8 x 17 mm
Purity: 99,90%
CAS No: [7440-15-5]
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