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Hydrophobic Materials - ETC-Pro

EVOCHEM ETC-PRO is a dedicated product line for the ophthalmic industry. High abrasion resistance and an easy-to-clean surface make it the optimal choice for leading ophthalmic companies around the globe. Our strong brand and market presence will also be a key differentiator for you and your customers.   

Name Tablet Dimension Evaporation System Product Number
ETC-PRO Ø 12.5 x 5 mm ≤ 300 mm diameter PRO-0300
ETC-PRO Ø 12.5 x 5 mm ≤ 780 mm diameter PRO-0780
ETC-PRO Ø 12.5 x 5 mm ≤ 1200 mm diameter PRO-1200
ETC-PRO Ø 12.5 x 5 mm ≤ 1500 mm diameter PRO-1500

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