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Next Generation of Water- and Oil Repellent Materials

EVOCHEM’s new super-hydrophobic product line (EVOCHEM ETC-TOP, EVOCHEM ETC-PRO, EVOCHEM ETC-PRO UV+ & EVOCHEM ETC-PRO AB+) provides superior process and film properties. We have developed sophisticated materials that reduce the adherence of dirt and fingerprints on surfaces while at the same time increasing the abrasion resistance.

The new super-hydrophobic tablets can be deposited from resistively heated boats as well as by E-Beam using a Top Coat liner.

Key product features:

   + Fingerprint and dirt repellent

   + Super-hydrophobic – oleophobic – extra smooth surface

   + Applicable to almost all substrates

EVOCHEM ETC reduces the surface energy to a minimum and therefore allows for easy-to-clean properties. Further-more the coating (e.g. AR layers) and the substrate itself are protected by a very smooth and abrasion resistant nano layer.

Our Hydrophobic Materials - More Details

Application: EVOCHEM ETC-TOP, EVOCHEM ETC-PRO, EVOCHEM ETC-PRO UV+ und EVOCHEM ETC-Pro AB+ are available as ready-to-use tablets for thermal vapor deposition as well as for E-Beam process, using a Top Coat liner. Alternatively, the coating can be completed by a wet-chemical process (dipping, spraying, flooding) - ETC-LIQUID and ETC-METAL-LIQUID.

Mode of action: ETC forms with the one end of its molecular chain covalent, highly stable bonds to oxide surfaces (e.g., SiO2) while the other, perfluorinated end, aligns itself away from the surface. As a result, ETC reduces the surface energy to a minimum and therefore allows for easy-to-clean properties. Furthermore the coating (e.g. AR layers) and the substrate itself are protected by a very smooth and abrasion resistant nano layer. EVOCHEM’s new product portfolio already complies with the latest legislatives requirements where Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) and Perflurooctanoic acid (PFOA) are not present in neither the product nor the entire production process.

Performance: Initially, the material is applied by vapor deposition on a SiO2 layer providing a contact angle against water of 117 °. During the entire test procedure, even after 8000 cycles with 1 kg pressure, the contact angle does not fall under 105 °. ETC-LIQUID - developed for mobile phones and touch displays - has demonstrated an even higher abrasion resistance. Despite the reduction of the surface roughness by about 85%, the shaping of lenses can be performed easily without any alteration in the production process. After grinding, several tests have shown that the coating relaxes completely and no "ghost marks" remain on the surface.

Green Production: The pills are delivered in blister packs with 12 tablets per unit. Each pack allows a shelf life of 6 months and reduces waste by about 90% compared to individual packaging. Furthermore, our carrier tablets can be reused approximately 10 times more and therefore reduces further waste and cost. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to obtain further information or samples for testing.

Our ETC-Product range

EVOCHEM ETC-TOP represents the entry-level quality in our ETC product range. High abrasion resistance and good easy-to-clean properties make the ETC-TOP product range a very good hydrophobic top coat.

EVOCHEM ETC-PRO is a dedicated product line for the ophthalmic industry. High abrasion resistance and an easy-to-clean surface make it the optimal choice for leading ophthalmic companies around the globe. Our strong brand and market presence will also be a key differentiator for you and your customers.   

EVOCHEM ETC-PRO UV+ is our product line for nano coatings with increased weather resistance requirements. ETC-PRO UV+ significantly increases the stain and chemical resistance under UV exposure - while keeping a highly slippery surface. Even under extreme conditions (600h QUV, and 990h Xenon arc lamp) the contact angle of PRO UV+ coated subtrates stays >100°.

EVOCHEM ETC-PRO Abrasion+ is our hydrophobic application with the highest durability and slipperiness in the complete product line. Dedicated for highest demands on premium products and substrates. ETC-PRO AB+ coated substrates achieve water contact angles of >116°. ETC-PRO AB+ is your ready to use application when it comes to high-end nano coatings with superior performance requirements.

Handling technique

EVOCHEM ETC tablets are very easy to handle for deposition. Deposition is possible from a wide range of resistively heated boats (ideally made of Mo or Ta) as well as by indirect E-Beam heating.

All EVOCHEM tablets and carriers are designed and manufactured for optimal performance. The physical properties allow a stable and controlled coating process resulting in a maximum yield per coating run.

Hydrophobic Materials - How to apply

By applying hydrophobic (superhydrophobic) and oleophobic nanolayers, almost all interfaces can be modified without affecting the original functional/optical properties of the interface. Wet-chemically produced hydrophobic layers usually have an irregular structure composed of many different components. In contrast, PVD deposition of hydrophobic and superhydrophobic materials under vacuum allows the interfaces of the substrates to be coated to be optimally adapted to the requirements of a self-organizing hydrophobic nanostructure by appropriate process control.

EVOCHEM ETC can be evaporated from either resistively heated boats or by indirect E-Beam heating. The evaporation temperature ranges from 400 - 800°C (recommended 600°C). Best results are achieved by coating EVOCHEM ETC to oxide films, especially on SiO2 films (top layer of AR coating).

PFOA and PFOA related Products in the EVOCHEM ETC-Product line

EVOCHEM does not use or intentionally add PFOA, its salts and PFOA-related compounds during the manufacturing process. Accordingly, EVOCHEM considers such substances as not included in its products. EVOCHEM has a system to check the content of PFOA, its salts and PFOA-related compounds for representative samples of its products periodically and can confirm that these samples comply with the Regulation (EU) No 2020/784 as amended. 

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