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PVD-Consumables - E-Beam Crucibles

EVOCHEM provides E-Beam crucibles and formed cones (starter slugs) which fit directly into the E-Beam source crucible. Both the crucibles and cones are available in a variety of materials.

Crucibles are recommended for many E-Beam evaporation processes because they:

  • Increase the evaporation rate to reduce cycle time and improve throughput
  • Enable quick material changes to minimize chamber downtime
  • Improve thermal  stability and reduce heat transfer to the crucible
  • Reduce power requirements and lower the cost of ownership

Please DOWNLOAD our crucible selection table to choose the right material.

Available Crucible Materials

Name Formula
Boron Nitride BN
Copper Cu
Graphite C
Molybdenum Mo
Tantalum Ta
Tungsten W
Aluminum Oxide Al2O3

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