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Evaporation Materials - Mixtures

EVOCHEM provides a wide range Compounds and Special Mixtures - designed to improve the application and performance of high, medium and low index thin films. These materials come as powders, rods, pellets and/ or granules. Please provide us with full details on the material, purity, dimensions, any special tolerances and the quantity required. We are pleased to provide a tailor made quotation.

Name Formula Purities
Aluminium Oxide + Magnesium Oxide Al2O3+MgO (1:1) 4N
Aluminium Oxide + Zinc Oxide Al2O3+ZnO 4N
Aluminium Oxide + Zirconium Oxide Al2O3+ZrO2 (6:4) 4N
Antimony Oxide + Tin Dioxide (ATO) Sb2O3+SnO2 (9:1) 3N5
Antimony Oxide + Zinc Oxide ZnO+Al2O3 4N
Calcium Fluoride + Cerium Fluoride CaF2 +CeF3 (1:1) 4N
Indium Oxide + Tin Oxide (ITO) In2O3+SnO2 (90:10, 95:5, 65:35) 4N
Neodymium Pentoxide + Titanium Dioxide TiO2+Nb2O5 (7:3) 4N
Tantalum Pentoxide + Zirconium Oxide Ta2O5+ZrO2 (3:7) 4N
Tantalum Pentoxide + Titanium Dioxide Ta2O5+TiO2 (1:1) 4N
Titanium Dioxide + Zirconium oxide TiO2+ZrO2 (1:1) 4N
Yttrium Oxide + Zirconium Oxide Y2O3+ZrO2 (1:4) 4N

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