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Evaporation Materials - Pure Metals

Name Formula Purities
Aluminum Al 3N-5N5
Antimony Sb 4N-6N
Cerium Ce Ce/TREM : 2N-3N5 TREM: 2N min
Chromium Cr 2N5-3N5
Cobalt Co 4N-5N
Copper Cu 3N-4N
Dysprosium Dy Dy/TREM: 4N-5N TREM: 2N5-3N5
Erbium Er Er/TREM: 2N-4N TREM: 2N-3N
Europium Eu Eu/TREM: 2N-3N5 TREM: 2N-3N
Gadolinium Gd Gd/TREM: 2N-4N TREM: 2N-3N
Germanium Ge 5N
Gold Au 4N
Hafnium Hf 2N5-3N
Holmium Ho Ho/TREM: 2N-4N TREM: 2N-3N
Iron Fe 2N-3N8
Lanthanum La La/TREM: 2N-3N5 TREM: 2N-2N5
Lutetium Lu La/TREM: 2N-4N TREM: 2N-3N
Magnesium Mg 3N-4N
Neodymium Nd Nd/TREM: 2N-3N5 TREM: 2N-2N5
Nickel Ni 4N
Praseodymium Pr Pr/TREM: 2N-3N TREM: 2Nmin
Platinum Pt 4N
Samarium Sm Sm/TREM: 2N-4N TREM: 2N-3N
Scandium Sc Sc/TREM: 3N-5N TREM: 2N-3N
Silver Ag 4N-5N
Tellurium Te 3N-4N
Terbium Tb Tb/TREM: 2N-4N TREM: 2N-3N
Thulium Tm Tm/TREM: 2N-4N TREM: 2N-3N
Titanium Ti 2N5-3N
Ytterbium Yb Yb/TREM: 2N-4N TREM: 2N-3N
Yttrium Y Y/TREM: 2N-5N TREM: 2N-3N

EVOCHEM provides a wide range of high purity Metals – with purities of up to 99.99999%. These metals come as wires, foils, sheets, powders, rods, pellets and/ or granules. Please provide us with full details on the material, purity, dimensions, any special tolerances and the quantity required. We are pleased to provide a tailor made quotation.

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